Mobile Application Testing

Mobile application testing is one of the most important aspects of the application development lifecycle. Proper testing ensures that customer expectations are met and applications execute properly. There are variety of mobile devices, multiple platforms, and networks available in the market; thereby increasing the importance of device testing to ensure the applications perform consistently.

Developing a Mobile Testing Strategy

Mobile platforms are changing the way we do business. Smartphones are now being integrated into a growing number of business processes forcing mobile applications to deliver complex functionality on mobile platforms. QA and Testing services address the challenges of mobile application testing. By providing a fully managed IPhone, Android, Windows Phone and custom mobile testing services, we accelerate the App development process while lowering your operational and management costs.

  • Testing ensures that application features Optimum Performance on all desired mobile devices.
  • Testing ensures application performance on various network and bandwidth.
  • Testing ensures the stability of the application on desired mobile devices and networks.
  • Testing reduces the time to market of the application and cost with highest quality applications.
  • Testing across the rapidly growing testing matrix for mobile applications ensures the highest levels of quality and user experience.
  • Automation streamlines test case creation, resulting in better reduced manual efforts and costs