Mobile Strategy

Strategic view on Mobility

Multiple versions of Android OS and iOS have been released in a short span of past 2-3 years. Each version has added significant capabilities to the OS. Considering the rapid evolution in Mobile OS platforms, businesses need to have a long term horizon while committing to investments in developing enterprise mobile applications. Enterprises will need to keep up with these changes by having a team evaluate the new versions and understand what needs to be done to their software.

Our enterprise mobility capabilities span mobile application development for heterogeneous devices, mobilization of enterprise applications, and implementing mobility management solutions for centrally managing securing and deploying mobile data, applications and devices. We understand the importance of security, availability, manageability and reliability requirements from mobility solutions. Our consultants and solutions bring these benefits to your mobility initiatives.

Our Offshore software solutions center in India ensures it’s clients:

Samprasoft is committed to provide high quality, cost-effective and timely solutions, with the primary goal of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Samprasoft is dedicated to build long term partnerships with it’s clients through a program of excellent post implementation support.

  • Code review / code inspection / software auditing
  • Code and documents transfer through secured FTP server and over high speed access links hourly, daily, weekly from our center doing software development in India.
  • Project management, co-ordination and monitoring from our project management center in India.
  • Daily status meetings, design and code review meetings with the team regarding the software solutions in India.
  • We also encourage client visits to centers working on software development in India.