Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a natural fit for mobile devices. More orga­nizations are considering mobile BI not just for executives, but for a variety of workers who need access to data when not at their seats. The technology and devices have evolved to make mobile BI cost-effective to deploy—better smartphones, new tablets and faster networks have all changed the game for mobile programs.

Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile allows you to view act on Oracle Business Intelligence 11g content on devices such as the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. Intelligence Mobile gives you the full spectrum of BI functionality on hoc query, OLAP analysis, dashboards and scorecards. You even have the ability to turn insight into action directly from your mobile reports and dashboards.

TABLEAU – Business Intelligence Reporting Tool

Tableau is a leading online reporting and dashboard tool that helps people see and understand their data. Tableau generates compelling visualizations of service delivery metrics, staff performance, client demographics and outcomes using bar and pie charts, geo-coded time mapping, time-based videos, statistical trends, storyboards and more!

SampraSoft is happy to announce that we can now offer Tableau’s powerful business intelligence and analytics tools to our clients. With our optional add-on Dashboard SaaS service, you can instantly gain access to a suite of core Penelope dashboards in a stunning visual and interactive format.

Key features that have made Tableau a leader include:

  1. Create a custom distribution list for different sets of dashboards and schedule those subscribers to automatically receive reports via email in PDF format
  2. Live online interactive dashboards with interactive data filters, sorting, drill-downs, sharing and CSV line-level data export
  3. Access reports online anywhere or, if you have a Desktop version, upload reports to the server any time

Tableau – Big Data

Whether it’s structured or unstructured, petabytes or terabytes, millions or billions of rows, you can turn big data into big ideas. Tableau helps people unlock the value in today’s information flows, from clickstreams to sensor networks to infrastructure logs. Connect directly to local and cloud data sources, or import data for fast in-memory performance. With analytics that are point-and-click simple, users can mine big data intuitively and discover big opportunities.