Advantages of Azure Monitoring and Automation Software

Advantages of Azure Monitoring and Automation Software

Microsoft Azure is a flexible and powerful cloud computing platform that delivers an on demand computing, storage and network resources to host, scale and manage Web applications and services. It is designed to help its users in focusing on their key business goals and objectives- rather than on the supporting IT Infrastructure. While Azure delivers the scalable cloud infrastructure, its customers want ways to optimize performance, receive system notifications and in automating the process of resolving production issues.

This is where; Azure Automation and Monitoring Software solution come in handy. It is purpose built to automate and monitor Azure Infrastructures- regardless of their size and complexity.

Such software will automatically scan the entire Azure Infrastructure, gather and report performance insights and take actionable measures to optimize performance and mitigate issues. Though there are countless benefits of an Azure Automation and Monitoring Software, here are top five reasons why every Azure Infrastructure must have it!

#1. Seamless Monitoring

Seamless Monitoring

A SaaS powered Azure Automation and Azure Monitoring Software requires minimal technical effort and investment to start off with. Available as an agent-less monitoring software it requires a simple authorization process to activate Azure monitoring. Quick to start and configure, Azure Administrators and IT Professionals can gather and process data from the entire Azure Infrastructure in a central dashboard. From single to multiple servers, the automated monitoring service of such software can be stretched and scaled to multiple virtual servers and virtual machine instances- leaving no performance crack gaping.

# 2- Better Infrastructure Visibility

Better Visbility

By automating Azure Monitoring, IT Professionals and Azure Administrator have more data and insights to work with. They receive system wide data into the performance, processes, and issues.  An Azure Monitoring Software complements the skills sets of Azure Administrators and arms them with a tool to monitor every bit of the Azure resources.  Azure Monitoring Software provides visual charts and graphs to visually inspect and measure system performance against KPI’s. They can also take infrastructure view back in time to show how the system behaved than and what possibly can be the root cause of the problem at hand.

# 3 – Instant Notifications


One of the key things to keep any IT Infrastructure up and running smoothly is to resolve production and performance issues as they strike. Azure Monitoring Software has capability to provide instant alerts and notifications into production and performance issues. Azure Administrator can receive these notifications in email, SMS and monitoring dashboards – helping in taking action at early as possible. Azure Administrators / IT Professionals won’t have to worry about constantly viewing performance dashboards for new issues as they are notified with performance issues, as soon as they happen.

# 4-  Automatic Resolution

Automatic Healing

In the complex IT environments where hundreds of performance and optimization processes occur routinely, Azure administrators get overwhelmed up in data and issues to look after. Handling each request in the last thing they want. Using automatic or self healing techniques in Azure Monitoring Software, IT Professionals can automate the resolution of performance and optimization issues. By configuring management and recovery procedures, an Azure Automation and Monitoring Software triggers and implement automatic remedy process for problematic events.

#5 –  Cost Efficient

Cost Benefit Value

With the ability to monitor and automate Azure performance monitoring, IT Professionals and Azure Administrators are in more control of Azure resources. They have deep insight into the performance state and level of each Azure resource. Azure Administrators can slash off time from monitoring Azure Infrastructure and protect the business from downtimes. The subscription based flat monthly billing, rapidness of implementation and bulk of monitoring and automation features- Azure Monitoring Software delivers the best cost-benefit system monitoring value to Azure Infrastructures.